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Hello, and welcome to my little shop! Moonlust Co. (formerly Moonlust Divination) was started by me, Victoria Ongarato, in June of 2020. I'm an absolute CHAOS witch and love working with my hands to create little pieces of magic. I wanted to start a self-care and wellness brand that focuses on the natural properties of herbs and oils (in a witchy way) to create products that are comfortable, healing, and exciting. 
I run this business out of my home (In Ontario, Canada), pouring tons of time and effort into my photos, products, website, social media- everything, and I love every second of it! The growth I have seen has been very heartwarming and I hope to continue to help positivity grow! It's my end goal to create a one stop witchcraft supply shop for Canadian witches, and witches worldwide! 

I'd love it if you checked out the Instagram we've got going on. My best friend Jess and I are both crazy little witches share our daily lives on there and love interacting with followers! Find us on Instagram here!

xo victoria