Welcome to Moonlust Co., and welcome to our new blog!

Wow, hi! I'm so excited to finally be doing this. It's been a long time coming that I've been working on starting a blog. Oh, by the way, it's me, Victoria Ongarato. I'm a Canadian 26 year old IT professional, pug mom, and witch. I've always found writing to be fun but I get worried that I won't have anything to say, which has been holding me back from starting a blog but I'm finally giving in and giving it a go.

Anyways, here's a family portrait of me, my husband Mark, and our two dogs Pickles and Pumpkin (@picklezthepug on Instagram).

I started Moonlust Co. (formerly Moonlust Divination) in June 2020 as a way to expand my hobbies and casual witchcraft into something more. Right from the beginning I started entering craft shows around town, and posting frequently on social media. I went to college for photography right out of high school and always loved doing still life, product, and nature shots. With starting my own business and building a brand presence online, I was able to tie in my love of photography by using my own photos for my website and social media. Moonlust has become something that I look forward to working on every single day. I am so excited that you have chosen to come here and experience my Book of Shadows and Grimoire with me. 

I don't have a set plan on how often I'll be posting, yet. This is just something I've wanted to do for a long time and... haven't. 

Talk soon,
Vic :)

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