Hi all, and happy Monday! Popping in to say that a little project of mine has come to life! I've paired with Kindle Direct Publishing to create a book/journal for likeminded witches like me. I have had countless journals with pages ripped out and coffee stains all over them filled with my spells and research over time. As a baby witch I knew that having a full grimoire or book of shadows was my dream. Now, years later, I'm working on digitizing my Book of Shadows/Grimoire and I found it difficult to know where to start. I began organizing my document by sections and realized that this could be a helpful tool for witches everywhere! 

Our Grimoire journal is available on Amazon here!

This is the Canadian link, but it's available across most Amazon marketplace countries.

For tips on how to fill out your Grimoire journal, check out our pages on writing prompts!

Also, heads up... we're going to be running a big big sale from the days leading up to Litha/Summer Solstice! So stay tuned on our instagram to get the latest info!

Have a great week everybody. Stay safe out there,


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