My (hopefully) Cure For Nightmares!

Ever since about 2017 I have been having increasingly more and more frequent nightmares, and they are waking me up constantly. It's a common theme for people with Idiopathic Hypersomnia, as far as I can tell from one of the groups I'm in on Facebook. Anyways, I put together a group of crystals that I figured would help the most and tucked it in a little burlap bag to put under my pillow. All my research suggested using a purple bag specifically, but I only have black and white right now so black it is! 

Here's my chicken scratch writing labelling each crystal I chose for my sweet dreams bag:

Dream Pillow Anti Nightmare Crystal Set

Why these crystals though...?

I do a ton of research from different online and print (er.. e-book specifically) sources. This is what I came up with :) 

Epidote (technically this is epidote in prehnite but...)
Epidote is a fantastic stone for physical healing. It is the self-care go to stone for me as it helps you take both mental and physical care for yourself and supports the body's natural healing process. Epidote can be known for inducing lucid dreaming, but it's power of protection against negativity is what will help ward off the bad stuff.

Black Tourmaline
Known for warding off nightmares, black tourmaline is a stone of protection against all negative energy. Black tourmaline specifically is known to be the effective against curses, psychic attacks, and even at dispersing stress!

Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow moonstone is apparently fantastic at dispelling nightmares and enhancing your sleep to be more soothing. Otherwise, I've heard a lot about rainbow moonstone being particularly helpful in opening you up to spiritual gifts.

I had no prior knowledge of the uses of this crystal were, I couldn't have even told you what colour it is! I had to look it up after I read multiple sources saying that it helps relieve restless thoughts. Upon more research, it seems that chrysoprase is a stone of clarity, and is known to induce a deep meditative state of mind and body. I'm quite excited to have one of these in my belonging now, and I'm happy that even after collecting crystals my entire life I'm still finding new (to me) ones!

The most beautiful shade of lavender purple, lepidolite is so visually appealing to me.. I have it on my altar, and a sphere of lepidolite on a shelf too! Lepidolite calms the mind and rids your mind of distressing thoughts. It's known to prevent nightmares (kind of the point of all this). Lepidolite also houses an amount of lithium, which is very helpful for mood disorders. That's just a bonus!

Pink Mangano Calcite
Love and compassion vibrate from mangano calcite. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety. Mangano calcite helps assist your contact with the angelic realm. Plus, it carries all of the benefits of regular calcite too!

Unakite Jasper
Unfortunately, unakite is one of my least favourite stones visually, I just don't like it all that much. However, it aids in relieving stress and brings upon a warm and abundant energy. It seems like something that multiple people recommend working for nightmares, even though I couldn't find a lot of sources to back it up so this is me just trying it out and hoping for the best.

Well, that's all I had!
Thanks for joining me while I discuss fancy rocks! If you have any questions or comments, leave me a message in the comments section! I'm also more than happy to share my sources so don't be afraid to send me a message via the Contact page! :)
Happy weekend...

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